Noby Noby Boy Infatuated Review

If you thought Katamari Damacy was weird, you haven’t played its creator’s latest game yet. Noby Noby Boy is the strangest title on the Playstation Network yet.

The game is about a mysterious character appropriately named Boy. He can devour just about everything around the map and can be stretched out like a super-flexible rubber band. That is pretty much all there is to Noby Noby Boy. You won’t have any enemies to fight or tasks to complete.

This Playstation Network title will randomly generate a map that contains several kinds of objects and inhabitants. From there, you have the freedom to do whatever you please. In a way, Noby Noby Boy is the ultimate sandbox game.

Most of the fascination in the game will come from Boy himself. If you played Noby Noby Boy long enough, you will gradually discover that this mysterious creature has a lot more talent than just eating and stretching. Some of his abilities defies conventions and will no doubt raise a few eyebrows.

Although Noby Noby Boy is single-player only, you will still detect the sense of community. The only goal, which is entirely optional, in the game is to help a creature coincidentally named Girl stretch to the furthest reaches of space. Since she can’t do it herself, Girl needs the collective efforts of all the Boy players around the world. When she reaches a destination point (like the Moon), new levels will be available for every player.

In addition to helping Girl, you can also take pictures, record videos for Youtube, and even send a message by writing on Boy. With the addition of trophies and custom soundtrack support, Noby Noby Boy is one of the most feature-rich games on the Playstation Network.

While the lack of direction and over-the-top strangeness may not be for everyone, Noby Noby Boy can be a charming game for those with an open mind. At only $4.99, it is one of the best bargains on the Playstation Network and the Playstation 3.