ActRaiser Infatuated Review

ActRaiser may not be a household name but it is still one of the best Super NES titles. The game’s unique blend of simulation gameplay and side-scrolling action will keep you addicted until the end.

In ActRaiser, you must rebuild the ruined world after being sealed by a demon called Tanzra. To do so, you need to clear out the monsters invading the land and guide the few people remaining towards rebuilding human civilization.

The first phase towards that goal is to cleanse monsters out of a particular region of the world. Otherwise, that land can’t be inhabited by your people. ActRaiser plays like an old-school side-scrolling action title. While running through the level layout may be a little too basic, the epic boss fights waiting for you at the end makes up for it.

After clearing out the area, you enter phase two of ActRaiser, which switches action sequences for real-time strategy. From an overhead view, you guide an angel in order to help the people flourish. You have numerous basic tasks to perform: cultivating the land, increasing the population, defeating the pesky demons, sealing monster lairs and granting wishes to the people.

Eventually, you will discover a secret lair containing a powerful demon in which you have to manually defeat. By doing so, the land will be freed and you can move on to other troubled regions.

ActRaiser is definitely greater than the sums of its parts. While it may not be the most intense action game or deepest strategy title, the blend resulted in a one-of-a-kind experience that will have you engrossed and addicted. The beautiful soundtrack helps tie all the elements in ActRaiser together.

Thanks to the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console, modern day gamers can experience this classic Super NES title for 800 Wii Points.