Top Five Game Releases This Week

The week of March 22nd is another solid one for gamers of all systems. Here are the top five video games coming this week.

5. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360)
Publisher: THQ, Developer: Yuke’s, ESRB Rating: T

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, WWE is giving the chance for fans to relive the greatest moments of the event. With streamlined controls and old school wrestlers, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania should please plenty of old and new wrestling fans.

4. Samurai Shodown Anthology (PSP)
Publisher: SNK Playmore, Developer: SNK Playmore, ESRB Rating: T

Samurai Shodown Anthology features all six mainline games from the underrated and overlooked fighting series. In addition to wireless multiplayer modes, the compilation includes a gallery for unlockable artwork, soundtrack and more.

3. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition (Playstation 3)
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Electronic Arts, ESRB Rating: T

To make up for the late arrival on the Playstation 3, Electronic Arts has included several exclusive features such as better graphics in addition to new content like new maps and videos.

2. Wheelman (PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360)
Publisher: Midway Games, Developer: Tigon Studios, ESRB Rating: T

The demo for Wheelman turned what otherwise will be an overlooked title into what may be the first cult hit game of 2009. The open-world car driving game will feature one exhilarating sequence after another.

1. Pokémon Platinum (Nintendo DS)
Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Game Freak, ESRB Rating: E

Yes, the ultra popular Pokémon series is back in what may be the best game yet. Aside from new Pokémons, fans can expect several exciting mini-games and a new chapter to the series. Pokémon Platinum for the Nintendo DS is easily the top game of the week.